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Jul 17, 2011 9:00pm CDT
the former news of the world editor rebecca brooks suspected of conspiring to intercept a communication and bribing police for information brooks says she is cooperating with police. it comes to days before rupert murdoch and his son are to testify on the case here in the u.s. the fbi is looking at whether 911 victims or their families were also hacking targets by murdoch's paper appeared >> the white house congressional leaders made little progress on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, the wall street journal reports that president barack obama and congressional leaders are trying to come up with a deficit reduction plan that would win enough support for lawmakers to also raise the borrowing limit without a deal by august 2nd the u.s. might begin defaulting on its obligations. >> we called into question for the first time in our history interest rates will go up, this recession will get worse and we will lose jobs and businesses will fail. >> we are willing to give the president an increase in the debt limit. but senator durban and 20 other democrats and the senate are on record supp
Jul 12, 2011 12:00pm CDT
murdoch and son james and rebecca brooks were summoned before lawmakers in the u.k. to answer questions about the media organization paying off policeman for information and sources ... cisco systems may cut as much as 10,000 jobs that would be 14% of its work force it hopes to revive profit growth and save a billion dollars in the effort to turn around the company ... the subprimal mortgage mess heard from a world leading to the financial crisis we are still trying to emerge and recover from ... the u.s. claims deutsche bank and its mortgage i t subsidiary are responsible and had a hand in hand this sub prime mass ... the bank is defending its position ... >>researchers at the federal reserve bank of san francisco said that this sub prime mortgage problem has cost united states citizens over $7,000 per person or hundred $75 a month ... children's social security numbers and the clean credit records that go with them have become a new target for scammers karen and haifa... current-has some tips for parents ... be on the lookout for big warning signs: any adult oriented mail addressed
Jul 15, 2011 12:00pm CDT
in britain rebekah brooks head of news corp. international resigned all of this happening as the fbi here in the united states it begins its investigation to determine whether news corp. was involved in hacking scheme target in september 11th survivors and families we are seeing a fluctuating market right now energy and tax sharesech shares are responding to the stalemate over the debt ceiling ... >>allstate customers in illinois can expect next bills to go up by as much as 9% the northbrook based insurance company is raising prices by two and half- 9% effective this week 80% of allstate's illinois policyholders will be on the lower end of the increase the company plans increases on claims from recent midwest storms this the third straight summer of state has hiked homeowner rates in illinois ... and if you've been putting it off today's less data by that city's dicker the grace period ends at midnight ... still ahead we have that review of the new harry potter foamilm this is the weekend that harry potter fans have been waiting for the final installment of the film series is now out i
Jul 18, 2011 12:00pm CDT
journalists who work for rupert murdoch's paper the paper's former editor rebekah brooks is also out on bail she's suspected phone hacking and bribing police for information tomorrow rupert murdoch and his son james are expected to be grilled as a parliamentary committee on the case ... >>it's casey anthony second day as a free woman but she has not been seen since leaving till sunday morning even her own parents don't know where shi'ahs catherine callaway is in orlando with the latest on what's next ... >>casey anthony left a florida jail sunday morning and to the cover of darkness she has not been seen in public since then ... >>it's our strong suspicion that she's no longer here in orlando jose baez said the intent was to leave orlando immediately it would be safer for all involved if she did leave the state ... >>her parents do not know where their daughter is but they have been told that she is safe ... cindy anthony received a brief text from her lawyer that they prefer to hear directly from their daughter ... >>as for those protesters who expressed outrage at her acquittal on mur
Jul 25, 2011 12:00pm CDT
three year-old twin daughters brooke and paige the mother and her girls work near the tree time trying to catch a neighbor's dog when it happened to the check three were injured but their injuries are not life- threatening police say recent storms had weakened the tree branches ... >>the latest heat wave has claimed more lives the cook county medical examiner says former people died from heat related causes in recent days that brings the total number of victims from the past week's heat wave to at least 11 the medical examiner says that three people died from heart disease and he stressed there were found dead in their homes in chicago over the weekend ... >>with no dillon said republicans and democrats and they're coming up a separate proposal to raise the nation's debt ceiling gop house speaker john banner is unveiling a two- stage plan to cut spending and raise the ceiling enough to fund government to the end of the year this debt ceiling would be raised again in 2012 but would be tied to tax an entitlement reforms on the democratic side the senate majority leader harry reid propo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5